Sometimes, a comfortable pair of shoes or boots can make all the difference. It can make a difference for your outfit. It can make a difference for your working day. With the right cozy, durable footwear, you can accomplish almost anything.

And Lees' Feed has the collection you need!

Unbeatable Selection

Our shelves are jam-packed with the best shoes and boots for every occasion. Country chic, bohemian-influenced kicks for a night on the town, rugged yet-stylish cowboy boots for a day on the farm, tough unbeatable boots for the dirties jobs there are  – whatever type of footwear you need, our professionals will help you find a pair you will love!

Footwear Experts, Past & Present

At Lees', our footwear experts have all the right experience, too. Many of them, before coming here, worked for well-known clothing giant Nordstrom, so they know what’s in and what works. Here, we’ve taken the time to hand-pick everything to stay on top of the right trends, and offer all of our clients the best footwear for any occasion.  

No matter if you’re heading to a wedding or attending a BBQ at your neighbor’s place, there’s no need to head out of town to the mall. Simply come into Lees' and get the fabulous footwear - for men and women – that you’ve been searching for!

For more information concerning our footwear selection, or to speak to one of our experts about finding your size, call Lees' Feed at 209-727-0131.