Large Items

To manage your livestock, you’re going to need more than the skills of a rancher/farmer. You’re going to need the most modern equipment and structures on the market today, and a source that knows how to get them to you, fast. Without them, you’ll have a herd, but no place to keep them!

Luckily, here at Lees' Feed, we provide everything you need to house and care for your livestock, including:

Our customers know us. They know the type of quality farm parts and equipment we offer, and how fast we can get them at a price our customers can afford! Whether you need pine shavings from America’s Choice, non-corrosive deer and elk wire, poultry netting, bedding straw, or welded wire, Lees' Feed has the inventory to meet your needs!

As a full service ranch superstore, we know the types of materials you’re searching for, and we make sure to always keep our shelves well-stocked. Our experts will point you in the right direction for the best materials, and explain what is needed for your unique setup.

Gates and Panels

Horse Feeders

Standing Feeders


Lodge Poles

Portable Horse Pen

Available to Rent!

For more information concerning our large items, or to ask someone at Lees' Feed about a particular ranch or farm item, call us at 209-727-0131 for more information.